Lightweight Hiking backpack

Lightweight hiking backpack from American Camel International has a new backpack for hiking and short trips. This 40L portable backpack can carry all the necessary equipment for a very affordable price at $36.18 the abrasion resistance and tear texture insures a long lasting backpack.

This Camel backpack is equipped with two side mounted water bottle pouches perfect for trekking and hiking it also comes in three different colors Blue, Black and light green. Clips on each strap to keep the hiker from getting hung up on this brush, also keeps the backpack looking neat.

The Tramp 30 is a 30L backpack equipped with a rain fly great for hikes and keeping your packing list dry in wet weather. With multiple pockets inside the Tramp 30 you'll still have the ability to carry all necessary items without having to make those last minute tough decisions.

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