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Updated: Jun 20, 2020

I’ve just been researching some camping gear I’m trying to see which is better overall

lightweight, durable, ease of use and multipurpose which is very important to me I light to hike light.

Biolite camp stove vs the Kelly Kettle.


  1. On-Board Battery - Integrated 2600 mAh battery charges devices with or without a live fire

  2. Smart LED Dashboard - Real time feedback on fire strength, power output and fan speed settings

  3. USB Charge Out With 50% More Power - Updated thermoelectric create even more electricity from fire

  4. Internal Fan Jets - 4 fan speed settings circulate air for improved combustion and efficiency

  5. Lightweight Aluminum Legs - Fold legs up and away for nested portability

  6. Honeycomb Heat Mesh - Protective barrier from inner burn chamber

  7. Scalloped Pot Stand - Accommodates BioLite KettlePot, Portable Grill and other cookware


Multi-Use Camping Kettle

The Anodized Aluminum Kelly Kettle is a multi-use camping stove that gives you the ultimate outdoor experience. You have the ability to boil and purify water within minutes, while also cooking your next meal. It works to help keep you warm on a cold nights, even in harsh weather conditions.Whether you’re planning the ultimate camping adventure or a trip to the cold, the Kelly Kettle has what you need!

3 Beneficial Features

  • Boils Water in Minutes

  • Uses Natural Fuel

  • Rehydrates Food

Kelly Kettle

Follow link to amazon for more information.

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